Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Much to celebrate in 2013

This year has been a great one for me. I've found a way to eat that has resulted – finally – in a close-to-normal weight. My joints don't ache, I move freely and often, I'm not hungry or grumpy, I've dropped several clothing sizes (even shoes!) and I can wear costume jewelry again, after a metal allergy cleared up.

It hasn't been all sunshine and lollipops. Some things have been going on that I could never share here. I've used food to soothe my emotions a couple of times, but while that was formerly a go-to strategy and a coping mechanism I could count on, I'm more likely to walk it off now.

Or lose myself in a game (or 10) of Dots.

I look forward to my almost-daily walks. I feel as though something's missing when, for one reason or another, I have to skip a day.

I look forward to bacon-and-egg breakfasts, too. Who knew eating half your daily calories in fat could create such great weight-loss results? I'm totally sold on the primal way of eating. (The difference between paleo and primal is explained here, and after reading it I am much more in the primal category as far as my diet goes.)

While I'm puttering around in the kitchen today, I'm going to come up with at least a couple of goals for 2014. Calling them goals certainly works better for me than making resolutions. I can resolve until the cows come home, and I have over the years done just that. I can't quite put my finger on how the difference in nomenclature worked this year.

But it did, and since it did, I'm sticking with it.

My kitchen-puttering will consist of preparing a good-luck feast for my husband and me. We aren't big party people at any time, and especially not on New Year's Eve. We enjoy a quiet meal of ribs and kraut (my family's traditional end-of-year dinner), greens and carrot coins (for prosperity – who couldn't use more of that?) and Hoppin' John (the traditional southern dish for luck in the new year).

I want to thank both of you for sticking with me as I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone this year. I appreciate your comments so much. Blogging has been good for me for many years. I've made friends, learned so much, and gotten (and, hopefully, given) tons of support.

My husband thanks you, as well, since he doesn't have to listen to all my disjointed and sometimes crazy thoughts!

Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve. See you tomorrow.

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barbhap said...

You are an inspiration to both of us!!! Happy New Year Debbi!!!