Monday, December 30, 2013

Since Christmas …

  • I haven't logged a single bite of food (actually the last time I recorded an entire days' worth of meals in LoseIt was December 2).
  • I've walked a total of 3.6 miles.
  • I've eaten pretty much whatever I wanted, including pasta, rice, cheesecake, cookies and candy (apologies for the foodporn).


How is that possible? I TOTALLY didn't expect to maintain after the lack of exercise and excess (and off-plan) meals and treats I've eaten while I've been away.

I'd decided ahead of time not to make a big deal out of either. I had little control over the food and none over the scheduled activities. I've taken very few breaks during this year of reclaiming my health and I've kept in mind the Russ-and-Jeff mantra:

What you eat between New Year's and Christmas 
matters more than what you eat 
between Christmas and New Year's.

My switch to a paleo eating plan was not just about weight loss, however, and I'm feeling some minor  effects after three days of consuming starches and sugar. It's not too awful, though. Let's just say I'm feeling my age. Heh.

Getting back on track is my top priority. I have one more planned "indiscretion" – we're having Hoppin' John for dinner tomorrow. Then, beginning New Year's Day, it's back to the basics that have brought me to this state of feeling good and looking normal.

I've had so much FUN buying smaller-sized clothes that fit and flatter. I've been wearing jewelry and doing my nails and paying attention to how I present myself. No more hiding behind yoga pants and tunic tops (unless I pair one with leggings and boots).

The goals I set for myself last December 26 helped keep me on track. The goal for 2014 is to drop the remaining 12 pounds to get me to a normal BMI. I'm not sure how long that will take. I suppose I should put an end date on it, but I don't feel very confident doing that, since I've essentially weighed the same for two months.

Is this my marathon year? I haven't set that goal yet either. If it is, it will be in Raleigh, NC, next November. I need to do some research on how paleo folks eat and train for distance running events.

Today, I'm just happy to be where I am. I haven't suffered this year. I haven't felt deprived. I've missed some things (pasta and rice, especially) but the benefits have been far greater than I'd ever imagined.

A big thank you to my real-life friend Wendy, my blogging buddy Gingerzingi and my husband's cousin Vickie for their example and inspiration. My gratitude knows no bounds.


MIZ said...

so true.

Shauna said...

What a cracker of year! It's been a pleasure to watch you kick butt :)