Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The benefits of SABLE

SABLE, among knitters, stands for Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.


Even though earlier this year I unloaded about 30 trash bags of yarn I'll never use, I still have, um, a lot of fiber waiting to be knitted into something.

My theory about stuff is that it will eventually take over the space you have available for it. You can prove it by clearing off a countertop. That pristine space will have something parked on it before you can turn around and click your heels.

Prior to the yarn purge I had trouble finding what I needed when I wanted to make something new. But while I was looking for yarn to make YET ANOTHER PAIR OF CLOGS, guess what I found?

My old pattern for them.

As I knit along following the revised instructions I downloaded a couple days ago, I knew something was different. I've made so many pairs of these clogs over the years … this new pattern had changed, and when the clogs came out of the washer they didn't fit the way the old ones had.

So I went rummaging for wool among the SABLE and, in the bag marked Felted Bags and Clogs, saw the familiar turquoise-blue paper, tucked in a page protector, waiting for me to find it.

I'm well on my way to finishing the first of the pair. As soon as I wrap this post up and put up the photo post, I'm closing the lid on the laptop and heading to my little nest to knit the morning away.

I'll let my daughter-in-law choose the pair that fits her best. I'm thinking it will be the current, unfinished pair. The other ones will most likely fit my sister. If they don't, she can donate them.

There's plenty more yarn for another pair for the sister. And her birthday isn't until March.

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LOL Love this post!