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What have I done to piss off the Universe?

The hits just keep on comin'.

My husband called me last Friday while I was out shopping to let me know we had a huge problem with the power supplying our water pump. I cut my trip short and came home to be of whatever support I could.

Everything came together somewhat magically and we had running water again by the end of the day. It took a lot of coordination and effort and manpower, but we now have a telephone pole holding up the electrical box and meter, and it all worked well.

Until Tuesday night, when we noticed the water pressure was weak. In the light of yesterday we went to the site and – eventually – discovered a burnt-out wire. It was most likely damaged when the original, inadequate pole fell on Friday. But it took a few days to actually fail, giving us quite the false sense of security.

So no water yesterday while we figured out what was wrong and what we needed to do to fix it. And no water today while we gather the materials and coordinate the manpower. And maybe – MAYBE – we'll have water tomorrow.

One of my Facebook friends commented over there that perhaps we needed to move to civilization.

That's an EXCELLENT suggestion.

Know anyone who wants to buy a lovely home in the country with, um, water issues?

What else? About a month ago my husband approached me with the idea that he might like to learn how to use one of those tablet things. You know, move into the 21st century. Embrace the technology. He has since gone on an anti-technology rant at least once a week. I might be adding his Kindle (Merry Christmas, honey!) to my arsenal of devices.

Also, I spent a lot of time and effort gathering a bunch of Indian spices and spice mixes to give my sister for Christmas, who adores Indian cuisine. Along with her thanks, she said she didn't know where to find any of the other ingredients she would need to make the recipes. I'm a by-guess-and-by-golly kind of cook. If the directions say add blah-blah-blah, and I only have chicken broth on hand, by golly I'll use chicken broth.

She, apparently, goes by the book and was just a little less grateful than I thought she'd be. Oh, well. Those were my expectations. Once the gift is out of my hands I can't do anything about it. But believe me, she's getting a check next year.

There are other things I won't or can't go into, and so it's time to dig deep and come up with something positive upon which to end this drivel.

Did I ever write about the two boys our Amish neighbors were fostering? (I can't find any past record of it if I did.) The couple who had the boys also owned the bakery. Melissa (the wife/mom) is my friend who died last summer. At the time she died, she and her husband were fostering four siblings, but prior to that they'd had two brothers for nearly nine months. The state decided the biological mother had turned her life around and the boys were sent back to her just before they were about to be adopted.

Which devastated Simon and Melissa, but within a couple days the new children arrived. Only to be removed when Melissa died.

Leaving Simon quite alone.

Well, when I picked up the little Amish girls to go to school Monday morning, I heard the news that the two little brothers are back with Simon. Their mom's addiction was apparently stronger than her affection for her children. Which is sad, yes, but we're all so happy for Simon and the boys.

So, yes, the hits do keep on coming, as hits are wont to do.

But the Universe has a way of evening things out.

P.S. At least I don't have to do laundry. Or dishes. So YAY for that!


I'm sorry you are having such a tough time...yes it does seem like when the hits decide to hit it is often a real parade! Rich and I spent most of yesterday at the VA, he has a sinus infection. My foot is almost back to normal finally. I'm going to try to catch up with my Christmas mailings today, have a doctors appt tomorrow but maybe we can fit a walk in Saturday. And what is your sister doing already opening her present! Ingratitude is one thing but jumping the gun and opening your presents before Christmas is quite another! A check next year, I think not...coal is the only appropriate gift for her!
Vickie said…
I don't remember the two boys.

But I did remember the four who were with them when she died:

I have a friend who fostered to adopt for several years. She finally did end up with one child. But before that little girl there were several who went back to the mothers, none of those stories ended well.
Vickie said…
Can you help your sister find the other ingredients? Like hook her up with a Middle East store?
Kati Smith said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kati Smith said…
I am completely with you on being at odds with the universe, Debbi. You bring back to mind a horrible few days we had back in the mid-90's!

A crash woke us up at 4:00 a.m. It turned out that Bob's aunt, who was staying with us, (along with his parents), for a couple of days, leaned against the wall-mounted bathroom sink and it gave way. (She was a very heavy person and perhaps the sink, which had been in the house when we bought it, was thinking about coming down. Amazingly, the water pipes did not break so we were not dealing with a flood).

So, while Bob was cleaning up the mess and consoling his aunt, I went to make the coffee as it was almost our wake-up-for-work-time anyway. When I turned on the light in the kitchen, I discovered that the sink, counter, and cupboards were crawling with flying ants. O-M-G. At this point, our two pre-school children woke up due to all the commotion. Bob had to get off to work, so he could not help me arrange for the plumber and exterminator. On top of it all, Toronto was experiencing a heat wave and we did not (yet) have air conditioning. I had to find other places for the children, Bob's parents, their cat, and Bob's aunt to stay so that the house could be fumigated. Fumigation meant ALL cupboards and dresser drawers had to be emptied. ALL furniture and appliances had to be moved away from walls. Bob rushed home to help on his lunch hour (luckily, he worked very close to home at the time). We had to stay somewhere overnight after the fumigation.

This trying experience eventually faded into the ether of time, except, to this day, I turn on the kitchen light with trepidation in the morning.
When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, right? OOPS, sorry, I guess that takes water, huh? At least you've got the great sense of humor (I'm really hoping, after that lemonade joke) needed to get thru these trials.
Robin Wilson said…
Sounds like you have had quite the time! I just hope that my mom wasn't right when she used to say that trouble comes in threes. If that is the case, I hope that it is nothing quite so serious. But you sound as if you have what it takes to handle whatever the universe has to offer.

Have a great week and Happy Holidays!

If you have a moment I would love for you to stop by and visit me. I have only been at it a month or so... but what have you got to lose? :)

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