Sunday, January 19, 2014

59 Days

Less than two months and it'll be spring!

Oh, my, I can't wait. Obviously I have no choice, but SERIOUSLY! I'm so ready for warm.

Football is nearly over. College games are done and we will know tonight who plays in the Super Bowl two weeks from today. The Winter Olympics will then tide us over for a bit, until March Madness.

And then … gardening and running and going outside without a coat!

Like I said: I can't wait.

I was both a sloth (too cold to walk outside and I was unmotivated to get on the elliptical) and a hungry, hungry hippo yesterday. NOT a good combination. I can only be grateful that I don't have junk food in the house.

And that I can push the reset button this morning.

If I begin my day with a serious breakfast – bacon and eggs or a pumpkin mug muffin seem serious enough – I do well. If I begin with fruit, though … not so much. I'm not sure why that is, and I don't have to know. It's been a pretty consistent phenomenon and I'm going to pay attention to it.

We had a lovely dinner last night (thus resetting my day before the day was done), after a mostly snacky breakfast and lunch. I made a good old-fashioned beef stew from cubed grass-fed chuck roast, white sweet potatoes and organic carrots. I thickened it with arrowroot and practically licked the bowl when I was done.

Hershey did lick her bowl, after I mixed some of the gravy into her kibble. I found her food dish halfway across the kitchen floor when I took the dinner dishes in.

I can reset the exercise module today. It's already in the 30s (it never made it out of the 20s yesterday). I can bundle up and walk before the first game this afternoon.

Thanks for reading yesterday's water rant. You'd think a disaster like this would be the "what's-it-going-to-take" moment to embrace regulations and strengthen environmental laws.

Apparently not.


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