Friday, January 31, 2014

A walk! A walk! My kingdom for a walk!

Snow-covered Indian Creek
Monroe Co. WV
So yes, it was only 21° at noon-ish, but I was on a tight schedule yesterday. If I was going to sing in the sunshine, 21° was as good as it was going to get.

And it was okay. Actually, I got kind of warm toward the end of the fourth mile. Ended up doing five and loved almost every minute of it. It was very cold starting out, and it was a bit icy in one spot. But SO worth that bit of discomfort to get back outside and MOVE!

My husband came along. We blinked like moles in the bright sun after being cooped up for days on end. And we're planning to do it again today, but wearing fewer layers since the temperature is forecast to rocket into the 40s!
Certainly the most amazing sight we saw yesterday: frozen water
stream coming from the mouth of an under-the-road drainpipe.
I feel as though January has been an almost total bust as far as mileage goes. Fifty-nine so far, and with an additional five today that's far below my goal of 127 (4.1x31 – I need to average 4.1/day this year to hit 1500 by 12/31/14).

So I need to step it up! Which is just what I'm planning to do.

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Beth said...

Debbi, I absolutely love the pic of the water frozen in place as it poured from the pipe - such a metaphor for so many things. I'm glad I found my way to your blog via your comment to mine. Peace, Beth