Friday, January 3, 2014

Cold x 2

It is freakin' FREEZING outside! Way below freezing, in fact: 8 degrees, winds gusting to 30 mph, wind chill makes it feel like minus 9.

And I have a cold to go along with it.

It was chilly yesterday, but not so bad my husband and I couldn't walk. Even with a cold I felt like I could get some miles in. It began raining before we got to our halfway (two miles) point. I'm thinking walking in the rain probably wasn't the best self-care strategy I could have employed.

We knew this winter storm was headed our way, so when we got back to the car we went straight to town to fill up the gas tank and pick up cold medicine. And bacon. Because you can't survive a winter storm without bacon, right? Heh.

This is the third day I've felt bad, and the worst so far. I'm going to spend the day resting and drinking chicken broth, supplemented with Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus and vitamin C. My house could use a good cleaning, but the dust bunnies can wait another day or two.

I got through about a dozen of the oldest Vogue Knitting issues yesterday, saving only four patterns. All the magazines are in holders, and I can do a dozen or two every day. We have a wall of built-in bookshelves in our bedroom, holding mostly my books and magazines. The goal is to eventually empty the shelves and move them to the garage.

I'm making good progress on the latest knitting project – yet another pair of clogs – and am nearly ready to choose yarn for a pair of boot socks, a special request from an old friend. THEN I'll do the finishing work on a vest for me, knit the other leg warmer (also for me, and a victim of SSS [Second Sock Syndrome]) and think about which pullover I want to start for myself. Probably this one.

If you're in the path of the storm, I hope your power stays on and you stay warm. It looks quite brutal. Maybe even as brutal as the Weather Channel says it is. Take care!

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