Saturday, January 4, 2014

I. Don't. Like. Being. Sick.

I wonder if my food indiscretions over the holidays helped set my system up to allow a cold germ to invade my body. Doesn't that sound absolutely crazy? But seriously, I've had just one or two sick days in the past eight months (since adopting a primal diet). I'm now on Day Four of Being Ill.

Oh, well. "They" say a cold lasts seven days or a week, whichever comes first. The combination of feeling under the weather and not wanting to be out IN the weather (so, so cold) kept me indoors and in my jammies all day yesterday.

Today, though, I have a walking date with my friend Lynne at 2 p.m. We haven't walked together in a very long time. And while I love walking with my husband, he's not quite as chatty as she is and the miles don't quite fly by as they do when I walk and talk at the same time. He's more of a meditative walker, I suppose.

I've either been ravenous (the first couple days) or had no appetite at all (yesterday) since I caught this cold. Hoping today will be more balanced, although so far I'm not at all hungry. Perhaps the smell of bacon will break through and wake up my taste buds.

Ya think? =)

Bad Weather, Part Two, arrives Monday night and Tuesday will be bitterly cold here. It being winter in the northern hemisphere, I suppose that's to be expected.

Doesn't mean I have to like it, though. Any more than I have to like being sick.

Therefore, I raise a cup of Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus (Orange Zest) to your health. And to mine.


ElizaHennessey said...

That's my favorite Alka Seltzer too! Here's hoping you feel more yourself soon! The forced rest, due to weather, may help after all!

gingerzingi said...

Sorry to hear you're sick! I am too, and I'm hoping it's of short duration.

I suppose it could be diet-related, but I don't think we'll ever find any proof one way or the other :-) I know that dairy predisposes me to be congested and snorky, but I'm not sure that translates into increased chance of getting a cold.

Bacon cures all.