Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I hardly even opened the laptop

It's so much easier for me to blog from the computer than from the phone. As I promised last week, I took photos, I just didn't post them here. (They're on Instagram.) I'll get those up later.

My original plan had me leaving Friday and returning Sunday, but I ended up staying an extra day. The trip began with a dead car battery. THANK YOU, COLD WEATHER! We jumped it, drove to our local-ish service station and determined it was still holding a charge, but it's the original battery. Probably ought to replace it. Sooner rather than later. So, a late start, but no harm done.

The purpose of the trip was to watch my older granddaughter's winter dance concert, which was amazing and wonderful and beautiful. It was a great visit, one of the best. My daughter is low-carbing and we made some great food while I was there, especially this soup, which we modified by eliminating the tofu and doubling up on the pork and mushrooms. Oh, my, was it ever good!

The trip home was long and rainy and ended with a bit of frustrating news, which I'll get to in a couple of paragraphs. I took a shopping break, which is why it was such a long trip, but worth it for the new fancy jeans and cool shirt I found clearanced at Old Navy.

I'm on a social media team for our state Democratic women's organization and with the chemical spill in the Elk River Thursday, the team was very busy over the weekend. I think I managed to tweet a couple times, but the rest of the team knew I was going to be gone. They've done a great job covering a major disaster. West Virginia's population is about 1.8 million people. Three hundred thousand have been without water for cooking/bathing/drinking since Thursday.

Some areas were allowed to use their water yesterday, and the remaining areas – nine counties were involved altogether – should be back on board soon.

Our home was not affected by the spill, because we have a well. As I was driving home yesterday afternoon, my husband called to report that something was wrong with the water pump. We have no water pressure. An electrician came out last night to make sure all that electrical work we had done a couple weeks ago was still working. It is. Meaning it's a pump problem. And, of course, as our weather comes from the west, the rain I drove in almost all the way from Nashville is here today, further complicating well repairs.

I am BEYOND fed up with country living. I should change the blog name to Knit. Run. Suicide.



Toledo Lefty said...

My husband's car has been having battery trouble. You might want to replace yours so you don't have car trouble to add to the unending water trouble.

Debbi said...

It's definitely on the agenda ... waiting for the water pump person to call. I'd originally planned to be at the service station today, but it might have to wait until tomorrow. No sense in asking for more trouble, right? =)