Thursday, January 9, 2014

The purge continues

I've managed, over the past few days, to whittle 14 magazine holders (12 issues each) down to this:
A less-than two-inch-high stack of patterns I want to keep, including three complete issues.

Just three more holders to go through and I'll be done.

My husband took two boxes to the library yesterday and will drop the remaining box off over the weekend.

In addition to preferring single-color, classic designs, I find I'm drawn to cabled patterns and lighter weight fabrics. I saved some patterns for summery things – swimsuit coverups and tank tops to wear with skirts.

I haven't needed swimsuit coverups or tank tops in quite a while.

I've asked my husband several times if he liked this or that men's pattern, and he's just not interested. He has a plain grey pullover and a dark green cardigan that he wears occasionally, but he's just not much of a sweater guy. And he's definitely not a vest wearer.

I do believe, once the current pair of socks for a guy are finished, that 2014 will be the year of knitting for

  • me and
  • my granddaughter's American Girl doll

Since those make up the majority of the patterns I saved.

In other news, I walked four miles yesterday afternoon, along frozen Indian Creek. I've only walked about 20 miles this year so far. Having a cold and having a polar vortex roar through tend to thwart one's plans.

How are you doing with your New Year's intentions?

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