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The temperature. It has plummeted. And the Grammys. They were great.

I watched the Grammys last night, well most of the program, anyway, so I went to bed later than I usually do. And I woke up much later than I usually do. at 7:30 a.m. it was 41°, the winds were calm and I thought to myself, "I should just get dressed and walk RIGHT NOW." Because it's not going to get nicer as the day goes forward.

Well, I didn't follow through. I scrolled through my Facebook feed and watched the "Same Love" clip, which happened after I went to bed. I tweeted and commented and generally wasted my window of walking opportunity.
And you know how the news broadcasters report that the stock market either SOARS or PLUMMETS as it goes up or down? I'm here to tell you the temperature has plummeted. It's now (two hours later) 27 with the wind chill making it feel like 16. Winds are from the NNW at 12, gusting to 24 mph.

Only 51 days until spring.

The weather was fine for a walk late yesterday afternoon, and I managed three miles after my four-day break. I was quite bundled up, which made it more difficult to pick up the pace – three miles took an hour and five minutes – but it felt good to be out and I enjoyed the sunshine and mild air for a change.

I met a neighbor on my way up the mountain who volunteered to come plow our driveway, in case we needed to get out. He was concerned we wouldn't be able to make it in an emergency. Here's why:
I passed him again a quarter mile from home. He was done and the driveway was completely clear (and remains so this morning), as is the parking area in front of the garage.

You can't have better neighbors than we do.

He wouldn't take any money, but he's a dedicated volunteer firefighter, so we'll be making an extra donation to the department this year.

Back to the Grammys for a minute: I saw so much complaining about the new music and so much nostalgia for the way music used to be on my Facebook feed while the program aired. (Except for the country geezers. If you didn't see Willie, Kris and Merle you didn't miss A THING.) My daughter and her children help me keep up with new artists, and I'm so grateful. I don't want to be a curmudgeon about any kind of art.

Music and writing and painting – all of art – evolves and speaks to each of us in different ways. Art is valuable and so very worth supporting. If you don't like it, don't listen or read or view or buy. But how does putting someone else's art down elevate you or yours? (I'm not talking about either of you!)

Think about it. And then go watch that video and tell me you weren't moved.


denise said…
You are very lucky to have such good neighbors! We have a guy that charges us $30 each time he clears our driveway (the length of about 2.5 cars) and sidewalks. The last half dozen times he's done it, he's used his leaf blower and gets it finished in 5 minutes or less! Lately we've been having just small dustings of snows, and I try to get out and get it done - did them twice yesterday using mostly a broom, which cleans this dry, powdery snow better than shovel. Wish I had a leaf blower, as it takes me more like 45 minutes or more! But at least it's some exercise. If only it weren't so cold! ☹

On the Grammy's, I thought it was a generally good program and I try to keep an open mind to "new" music, as I recall when I was younger that I thought I never wanted to be as "out of it" as my parents were (and then were then younger than I am now by quite a bit). But I find that I don't have a lot of incentive/reasons to keep up with the latest music trends.

Most of my music exposure happens in the car, and now that I live in a small town, I'm hardly in the car long enough to hear more than 2 songs - and that only every now and then. My chosen music genre, and therefore radio station, is Country, which further lessens my exposure to the popular stuff. So I literally had no idea who most of the younger artists were - never even heard most of their names let alone their music!

That said, I enjoyed a lot of the show. But have to admit that I enjoyed the stuff with the "old-timers" more than the newer stuff. And, I would beg to disagree with you on the Will/Kris/Merle thing. Although, Kris has never been able to sing, and clearly Willie's brain is so fried he couldn't remember words, and Merle was never a big favorite of mine, I still enjoyed it. AND, I thought the most telling thing was the footage of the audience during "Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys" - every single person they showed regardless of age, color, and music genre was clearly singing along and smiling during that number. I thought it was the most animated the entire audience got as a whole in terms of singing along and enjoying it!
Debbi said…
I stand by my opinion of Willie et al, while respecting yours. And yes, they did engage the audience, for sure! But they made my ears hurt. And I very much enjoyed all 3 when they - and I - were younger!
Debbi said…
And how I LOVE it that you can easily comment again!

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