Thursday, January 30, 2014

Was I busy yesterday or what?

Yes, yes I was.

Worked on a graphic design project and remarks for a meeting tonight. All. Day. Long. With a short break to run to town for a couple things, and then remembered on the way home that I forgot quite a few more. So I'm going back this morning.

Grrrr. I hate when that happens.


  • The car starts every time I turn the key, thanks to that new battery. 
  • The water has been working fine, although I think the line to the washer (which is located in our detached garage and, yes, that IS terribly unhandy, thankyouverymuch) is probably frozen. I didn't have laundry to do yesterday so I didn't check.
  • We've had no power outages lately and have stayed comfortably warm throughout the polar vortex.
  • We're both retired and have no need to navigate icy roads. I feel terrible for Atlantans and others in the south who've been affected by the latest winter storm.
  • The pantry, freezer and refrigerator are stocked. There's no way we would go hungry in the event of a weather emergency.

Always plenty for which to be grateful.

I finished two knitting projects yesterday. Finally wove in the ends on my blue On The Point vest, which I started last fall. Technically it's not finished until I block it (the points in the front are curling) and sew a closure on it, but I'm only going to put one pewter clasp at the top, so that won't take long. I'm pretty sure I have a clasp in stock. And the blocking won't take long, either.

The other project is the third pair of Felted Clogs for my daughter-in-law. I hope these fit. I'm going to watch them like a hawk so they don't shrink and end up too small again. I need the washer to work to felt them. Might get that done tomorrow, since the sun is out and the temperature will be above freezing. We have a little heat wave coming up and we're more than ready for it.

I bet you were surprised I wasn't here yesterday commenting on President Obama's State of the Union message, right? I figured you got as much commentary as you wanted or needed from the mainstream media outlets. Oh, and I was busy.

I will say one thing, though. Not my original thought, but well worth repeating: Democrats invited teachers and veterans and wounded warriors as guests. Republicans? Hannity and Duck Dynasty.

'Nuff said.

OH. I forgot! Yesterday was weigh-in day and GUESS WHAT?!? I stayed the same. Again.

Always plenty for which to be grateful. Heh.

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Toledo Lefty said...

I can't get over how inconvenient it sounds to have your washing machine in the garage!

Congrats on maintaining, especially with everything going on.