Tuesday, February 18, 2014

And then there's Plan D

OR: That's a helluva way to clean the refrigerator.*

So yesterday's schedule got all discombobulated and the "walk" ended up being less than half a mile outside the hospital while our patient was undergoing a test. It was, indeed, nice enough to go further, but we (my husband and I, because Lynne and I had to bag our plans because of my discombobulated schedule) needed to get back to the room.

Why is it people get sicker after admission? Hospitals are no place to be when you're sick, lemme tell ya. We're certainly hoping for some improvement today.

And we're certainly hoping to take a longer walk today. The forecast high temperature for this afternoon is 51°! Hope springs eternal, ya know. Heh. I said "spring."

So we finally got home yesterday and I fixed bacon and omelettes for dinner (because Plan D didn't include eating out) and while we were eating I heard a loud POP from the kitchen. Hershey heard it, as well. She stood stock-still, hackles raised, while I investigated and found … nothing.

But a couple hours later there was this burnt electrical odor emanating from the refrigerator and the freezer wasn't freezing and by 8 o'clock we were hauling food from the house to the garage. Thank goodness we have a chest freezer and a dorm fridge over there. Everything fit, too, although it will be a bit inconvenient to cook and serve meals for a while.


The Google Appliance Center says it's probably not worth repairing a 15-year-old refrigerator with a blown capacitor (if that is, indeed, what it is). We certainly don't have time for refrigerator shopping with everything else that's going on here in the Middle of Nowhere. I'm really not sure what we're going to do.


*And now you know what I mean.

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