Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Double your … pleasure?

So I said I was going to go one mile, just to keep the streak alive. I'm kinda weird, though.

I can still see my house at the half-mile mark, and that just didn't seem like far enough away to count. So I ended up doing two miles yesterday instead of one, and the streak is still going.

Interestingly, I thought yesterday about using the elliptical for the sake of continuity. Glad I haven't released it from my clutches yet. It's sunny today and the mid-afternoon temperature will be decent enough (low 30s), but by Thursday we're supposed to have lots o' snow again.
Which is WAY depressing.

Forty-eight miles so far in February. I'm pretty happy about that. And I'm happy that my focus is on keeping the streak going rather than on losing weight. It makes a huge mental difference. I know walking 1300 miles last year contributed to the weight loss I was able to achieve. I know I will, eventually, hit that magic normal BMI if I keep on doing what I've been doing – moving daily and planning my meals using the paleo guidelines.

Moving on ... I keep finding and printing cleaning checklists. I have one tacked to the refrigerator and three on the dining room table, trying to decide if one or more will replace the one I've been I haven't been using. I get stuck on the decluttering part and neglect the cleaning altogether.

Over the weekend I packed up some dinnerware and flatware for my friend who recently lost her home in a fire. Then yesterday I packed up another set of dishes (who needs four sets, anyway?) to take to our local charity shop. I could keep going through closets and cupboards and finding things to get rid of with no problem. I kind of like doing this.

But I sure don't like to clean.

HOWEVER … I've changed my attitude about other things many times, proving that being an old dog doesn't necessarily mean I can't learn new tricks. (One of the other things we got rid of recently was our coffee grinder. Yes, I'm drinking pre-ground coffee, for the first time in, literally, YEARS. I was quite the coffee snob. But my countertop is so much cleaner without the coffee crumbs and clearer with that extra appliance outta here. Changes in attitude …)

Today I'm going to work on the guest room. There's a lot of stuff tucked in a lot of drawers in there, and I can live without, well, a lot of it.

Here I go.

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