Monday, February 24, 2014

Here we go again

Another round of cold weather settles in this week. Yesterday was soooo lovely – warm enough to walk outdoors (six miles!) in a short-sleeved t-shirt and without a jacket.

It's 24° right now, though, and only supposed to hit the 40s later. I have a meeting this afternoon; waiting to walk until later might not be an option. We'll see.

Over the next few days we will again see the wintry mix and the cold temperatures, along with jackets and mittens and caps, oh my.

We moved the old dead refrigerator out of the kitchen yesterday. My, my, that was a chore. Refrigerators have glides on them and it moved easily across the hard surface of the kitchen and hallway. But the only door on the back of the house wide enough to get it through is the sliding glass door in our bedroom, and that meant pushing the appliance over the carpeting. And the doorway was just wide enough. Maybe an inch to spare.

At any rate, it's now decorating the back patio. We look just like real West Virginians.

For five consecutive years, West Virginia has ranked dead-last in the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. In other words, we're the most miserable state in the country. And that makes me feel … miserable.

I'm in quite a blue mood this morning anyway. A restrictive abortion bill is likely to pass the state legislature this week. Another bill which would allow teachers to carry weapons in schools is making its way through the committee process. (The local-ish paper endorsed it, but there's no place I could find to comment on the editorial. Grrr.)

I'm going to a neighboring county Democrat women's meeting tomorrow night and I'm supposed to rally the troops and lead the pep rally and be encouraging about the state of the state.

Ah, well. I have approximately 18 hours to do a 180. I've been known to rally in far less time than that!

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