Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Moving backwards

I guess I've officially taken a paleo break. I'm not happy about it. Paleo worked for me in so many ways. And it will work again, I'm sure of it.

This horrible winter and the dead refrigerator have conspired against me, sending me to the easiest and most comforting sustenance available: saltines and either butter or peanut butter.

Pretty much the opposite of a clean diet.

I'm dizzy this morning, lightheaded and shaky. I've had a banana and the aforementioned crackers. And, probably, too much coffee.

I'm back up a pound this week. At the beginning of the year I needed to lose 12 pounds to reach that magical "normal" BMI. Now it's 17. And that's definitely discouraging.

I'm the only one who can turn it around, though. And I will. I'm confident that lack of daily exercise + not-so-clean eating = crappy mood, extra pounds and, yes, a return of that nagging hip pain.

ALSO moving backwards: the state of West Virginia, where a bill passed the House of Delegates last night that would make it a felony to perform an abortion after 20 weeks. The bill now goes to the state Senate. I've written my Senators, urging them to keep the government out of women's health care.

It's not going to have a big impact on the number of procedures performed here in the Mountain State. It's pretty hard to have an abortion at any time, since we have just two clinics and West Virginia isn't the easiest state in which to get from place to place.

More importantly, women who learn at 20 weeks that there is something wrong with their health or the health of the fetus need to have the option. Women who's carried a fetus that long WANT that baby. They and their families are looking forward to the new addition to the family. They are making a heartbreaking and agonizing decision. It's not the state's business to interfere.

Imagine learning, on the 20th week plus third day, that the child you're carrying has died in utero. Should this bill become law, you would be required to deliver your stillborn child at term.

I've said all this before. I think. Sorry to repeat myself.

Today the House of Delegates will be voting on a bill that will allow security personnel in schools to carry weapons.

Gun rights: AYE!

Women's rights: NAY!


Vickie said...

I thought of you and your husband and your daily walks -

denise said...

Hang in there - the new fridge will be there soon!

Sometimes I do think we're separated at birth though. I LOVE crackers with butter on them. I stack them 4 high with butter between each layer. I can easily knock back a sleeve at a time that way (probably more, but the sleeve kind of keeps me in check by that much at least).

With any luck, the weather will break about the same time the fridge arrives and you can get both eating and exercise back on track and make rapid progress.

Toledo Lefty said...

My concern with Paleo is that it feels on/off -- once you get off, it has to be difficult to get back on. I have the same issue with veganism or anything else defined by what it isn't.

Definitely Paleo-approved foods are the best ones for you, so choosing those most often makes sense. You probably will find a balance that works for you.

Having your fridge in the garage has to be very annoying, and make scratch cooking a real pain. I'm sure it will be easier to get back on track when you are back to a more convenient setup.