Monday, February 3, 2014

Six months until pre-season!

Well, my team lost. BIG-time lost. But I held up well, I think, and enjoyed Bruno's halftime show and many of the commercials.

And that's what the Super Bowl is all about, right? Heh.

The big surprise was Bob Dylan's Chrysler ad; the Dylan purists are accusing him of selling out. I was thrilled to know he could actually speak. In fact, I think he spoke more in those 60 seconds than in the dozen concerts I've been to combined.

News flash: America is a melting pot. We are a nation of immigrants. We didn't sprout here. We arrived here, from Europe and Asia and Africa.

We all loved it, back in the day, when Coca-Cola wanted to teach the world to sing. Coke is, after all, an international product. But last night? Coke's social media accounts were hate-bombed following the "America the Beautiful" ad, which was sung in several languages. Instead of 'Murican. The tweets and comments were filled with misspelled words, poor grammar and vows to switch to Sprite. A Coke product. The mind boggles.

There were so many things to love about the broadcast, especially President Obama's smackdown of Faux Noise during the O'Really interview during the pre-game. Also: Bruno. Coke. Dylan. Puppies.

I will not let the haters bring me down. I'm not yet sure what I can do about it (other than vote for Democrats), but I'm thinking.


denise said...

Watching The View this morning and they have Dana Loesch on as guest host. Never heard of her, but I gather she's a famous conservative of some type. Anyway, apparently she started as a "Liberal Democrat" and then switched to being a "Conservative Republican." Barbara Walters asked her why she made the switch and she said it was because she had children and realized she needed to be a "kinder" person…despite Barbara going after her a number of times trying to get a better answer, she went back to the "kinder" theme a couple times (at first I thought it was a mis-speak, but apparently not).

They then asked her views on gun control and she said unequivocally that she was 100% in favor of the 2nd Amendment as it stands.

Talk about boggles the mind…I don't get that one AT ALL!

denise said...

Oh, and on the Coke commercial, you obviously missed the point, which is when they wanted to teach the world to sing they wanted to do it in ENGLISH, so it was o.k.! ;-)

denise said...

AND, one last comment on the Coke commercial - to be honest, I didn't care for it myself. I got what they were trying to convey, and don't necessarily think it was inappropriate to have the different languages, but it still just didn't touch me in the way I think it might have if it was either all in English or at least more in English with the same visuals. Maybe because it lacked the "sing along" factor.