Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yesterday was, in a word, pretty perfect

I need to go backward a few days to illustrate exactly how perfect yesterday turned out to be.

I called my husband as I was leaving a meeting Thursday evening, to let him know I was on my way home. The meeting had gone really well, and I was on a post-good-time high. He acknowledged my excitement and said there was something wrong with the water pressure.

Way to deflate my balloon, honey!

When I got home I agreed that the pressure was, indeed, a little less strong than it normally is. It worked, though, and we even ran the dishwasher with no incident. We called the man who works on our well and he said we probably had a tiny leak in the water pipe. Which, of course, would have to grow into a major leak before we'd be able to find it.

Have I ever mentioned just how much I love country living?

We went to bed, hoping we'd still have at least a little water pressure by morning.

Late Friday morning we decided to take our Indian Creek walk. We opened the garage door and found … a flood.

HAHAHA! Who knew a tiny breach of less
than an inch could flood the entire garage?
The water pipe feeding the washer had burst. That water line has been there for 10 years. In all that time we've had a frozen pipe maybe twice, until this year. It froze three times in January, and I guess the third time's a charm.

So to speak.

We called a plumber who agreed to come yesterday to take a look and, hopefully, fix the problem. We managed to get the water to the garage turned off without having to turn off the supply to the house. You look for blessings wherever you can.

After we cleaned up the garage as best we could, we went for our walk and found all kinds of things for which to be grateful: that the washer wasn't in the house, that we got all that mess cleaned up and still had time and energy to go for a walk, that a plumber would be available so quickly, that we had enough clean clothes we didn't need to do laundry … you get the idea.

The plumber came, fixed the pipe and another nagging plumbing problem we've had for several months, charged an amazingly reasonable fee for all that work and yay! I can do laundry! Perfect!

And more perfect …

I walked to the post office while he was working, and didn't have to wear a coat. My husband and I took another walk along Indian Creek and I threw an interval training in there. It felt SO GOOD to run again! It's been ages and ages since I've run. Total distance yesterday was nearly eight miles – a BIG dent in my January deficit.

Heading out now, solo, to tack another five or six onto February's total. I will be wearing a jacket, as it's cooler today than yesterday, but rain is headed this way shortly after noon, so it's now or never.

One important thing I've learned after this difficult January: I'm much happier walking outdoors than inside on the elliptical. I think I'll sell it. I've managed to maintain my weight loss with half the mileage I'd like to have done, so I think maybe – maybe – it will be okay to send it out into the universe. It appears to have served its purpose for me.


denise said...

Sorry to hear about your flooding problems, but glad it turned out well (or as well as could be expected given that you had a flood!). We have been on pins and needles all winter about our washing plumbing as well. A few years ago, my mom had her washer and dryer brought upstairs from the basement, as she could no longer navigate the stairs. The only place to put it was in a small closet area in the garage which backs up to an outside wall.

Even as it was done we were concerned about pipes freezing, but the handyman who did it put a strip of baseboard heater behind it and set it to 50 degrees. Because of the configuration, we can't get back there to see if the heater is still working, but so far so good. But every time the temps have dipped down into single digits and below we hold our breath and hope everything goes o.k.

Glad you are able to get out walking. I really need to try to do that myself today, as I'm way below my goal steps the last few days.

gingerzingi said...

It's OK to send your elliptical on its way. Think of it finding a new home with someone who really needs it.