Sunday, March 2, 2014

A darned good day

Six miles.

Clean eating.

A call from a state Senator.

Couldn't ask for a much better yesterday than that, right?

The meeting I thought I would be traveling to today has been canceled again because West Virginia is under a Winter Storm Warning. We could get six to nine inches of snow overnight.

Right now it's 45° and the high this afternoon will be 60°. Crazy weather makes me crazy.

My husband and I have barreled through eight episodes of House of Cards in two days. It's really hard for me to get him to sit down and watch a program, let alone a series, as he's glued to the news most of the time. But he's as hooked on this as I am. Sorry I'm so late to the party, but we're catching up quickly. And enjoying it immensely.

My biggest worry, prior to the cancellation, was whether I'd miss much of the Oscars.

I so shallow.

Unless we have a power outage, it looks like game on. We could probably watch some of the nominated movies before the program begins.

But I'm betting we finish up Season 1 of HoC.

Have a good Sunday y'all. Hope the storm is much ado about nothing, wherever you are.


slow panic said...

LOVE House of Cards. We finished season two last week. I was tired all week but it was kind of worth the marathon.......

denise said...

I'm happy to say that "Titan" was much ado about nothing here. Originally, we were in the 12+ inches zone, but things shifted south and we got … NOTHING! At least so far…they say we could still get 1-3" tomorrow, but nothing like we were all battening down the hatches for yesterday! Yay!