Monday, March 17, 2014

Dodging that winter storm bullet

We watched the radar and paid close attention to weather updates all day yesterday. As temperatures dropped, we watched the afternoon rain become the dreaded "wintry mix," and, finally, turn to snow after dark.

But it stopped. By 9 p.m. it was no longer precipitating at all.

This morning the porch and driveway are ice-covered, which isn't all that wonderful, but at least we won't be struggling with the snow shovel.

I think it's safe to put it away for the season.

Yesterday was a great day, even with the wintry mix. I was able to log five miles, beginning in the early afternoon and finishing up just as it began to rain. Perfect timing. I hadn't planned to do five, but the farther I went, the farther I wanted to go. It was only that impending rain that made me turn around at the 2.5-mile mark.

I picked up the pace a bit:
Yesterday's route was on hills, and I even ran up a couple of them. The Saturday walk
(yes, I know it says run but whatev) was on a flat route. And it was much slower.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The feel-good endorphins hung around most of the afternoon. If you'd been here, you'd have seen me dancing around the living room – solo, with Hershey and with my husband. Music and running are both great mood-lifters.

I just looked out the window. It's beginning to snow again, lightly. Maybe it won't stick (she said hopefully). And maybe I should keep the snow shovel handy.

Just in case.


Vickie said...

I really think you can make up your lost winter miles. Very good you are playing with pace.

Winnie said...

This winter has been a bear, and our shovels are still at the ready (we never put them away until after St. Paddy's day). It sounds like you are doing fabulous, and I love to hear how good you are feeling!