Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kill. Me. Now.

I realize spring doesn't officially begin for another four days. But seriously? Really? We could get six inches of snow or more between this afternoon and tomorrow morning. REALLY?


Since this weather madness isn't supposed to hit us until late this afternoon, and since the temperature will be in the balmy mid-40s later this morning, I plan to get outside for a walk then. Maybe even a walk/run. Vickie suggested stepping up the pace a bit, and that has been somewhat effective in kickstarting my metabolism. Sometimes. Maybe everyone's, but I can only speak for me. And, obviously, I can't count on it. Since I really can't count on anything weight-loss related working consistently for me.

My calendar for the upcoming week is full to overflowing:

Monday we'll be snowed in, most likely, so delivering the elliptical may not happen. We're donating it to an auction which will raise funds for the local Animal Welfare Control Project. If it doesn't make it to the venue on time, they'll just sell it via a photograph and the winning bidder can come pick it up.

Then there's this:
Natalie Tennant is West Virginia's Secretary of State and – oh, how we hope – our next U.S. Senator. TRDW is my shorthand for our local Democratic women's club and stands for Three Rivers Democratic Women. The reception on the 20th is to honor a family friend who holds a high-level position in the Obama administration.

Pretty heady stuff.

(The words highlighted in pink are my photo prompts for those days.)

I'm also heading to North Carolina Friday for a long weekend visit with my son and his family.

So. BUSY! But that's okay. Weeks like this seldom happen and all I have to do is take it one day at a time. I'm ever so grateful to have stuck to the plan and lost all that weight, as in the process I've gained enough energy and self-confidence that I know I can handle these upcoming events. I can only imagine how paralyzed I might have been a year ago.

The Tuesday meeting with my Congressman was arranged upon my initiative – I can guarantee you that wouldn't have happened last year.

And I don't mean for this to be an oh-look-at-me-I'm-so-important post. I really want it to be an oh-wow-I'm-so-grateful-to-be-able-to-do-all-this post. I'm not bragging, honest! I almost didn't put it all out here. But I want to remember it, and I guess I'm hoping that neither of you will mind.

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