Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last gasp blast of winter

I am so completely and utterly sick of winter. I guess I've complained about it too much, because Mother Nature is playing one last (I hope!) cruel trick on us here in southern WV. March may still go out like a lamb, since temperatures are supposed to be much more moderate tomorrow, but on the penultimate day? Not so much:
I'm leaving in a couple of hours, heading north for a most-of-the-day meeting. North is the best place to head to get out of potential snow. It doesn't usually work that way, but today … And my biggest dilemma, of course, is what to wear. I'm thinking black jeans, boots, long-sleeved t-shirt, jean jacket and scarf. You know … something springy! That should cover all the weather bases.

I really wanted to wear a skirt today, though. Grrr.

April 7. That's Day One of the next strict Whole 30, although I'm following the plan pretty well right now. Gingerzingi completed one a couple weeks ago and is finding it difficult to get back on it without a little slip-up here and there. I feel the same way. It's time to buckle down, so we're doing it together. Anyone else want to jump in? No rules, we're not doing anything formal or reporting to each other. Just the idea that someone else is out there, though, being virtually supportive, is very motivating.

At least for me.

Gotta get going … a three-hour drive, four- to five-hour meeting and three-hour return trip awaits. Now that I think about it, it's a great day to be sitting on my ass all day. If I were home I'd just be bitching about the weather preventing me from walking. Instead I'm watching the snow and listening to the wind and feeling more than a little grateful that I have plans for the day.

And I hope you do, as well.

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