Friday, March 7, 2014

Orange you glad ...

I didn't say refrigerator [again]?

Okay, this new unit is quite a bit larger than the previous one. And I'm the first to admit that I don't eat enough vegetables. So I decided keeping the freezer section organized and stocked would be a top priority.

I bought a couple smallish bins to corral several one-pound bags, which are meal-sized for the two of us. It's not that I don't like vegetables, I just like meat and fruit better. I think it might be helpful having veggies at my fingertips instead of having to schlep over to the big freezer in the garage to fish them out.

Lo and behold, my weekly Tiny Kroger e-mail offered loyalty card coupons for freezer items. So … I clicked. And here's what I could download.
I foolishly thought they might have, oh, say, frozen brussels sprouts on sale. But no, it's all convenience foods and frozen desserts, all the way.

Insert sad face emoticon here.

How ironic is it that this major grocery trip (I haven't stocked up in two weeks!) included … a rotisserie chicken. On the day that I actually could cook and have a place to store leftovers, I take the easy way out and let Kroger cook it for me. Poor planning on my part.

But I made up for it by simmering the carcass in water for a couple hours after dinner. It's in the refrigerator waiting for me to make some kind of yummy soup. I'm thinking cabbage, carrots, onions, celery, mushrooms, a can of tomatoes and some taco seasoning. Topped with chopped avocado. And not a single frozen vegetable. Hah!


slow panic said...

i'm the same way about vegetables -- i don't hate them, i just don't like them as much as i like everything else.....

Toledo Lefty said...

Frozen vegetables are pretty cheap, so they might not be worth promoting with coupons. Your soup sounds great -- sort of like Chicken Tortilla.