Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Plan the plans, redux

I was prepared.

I moved the bench inside the front door. My husband cleared both the front and back porches of snow and ice, to facilitate delivery of the new refrigerator and removal of the old one. The floor in the area where the new appliance will live is spotless – that rarely happens here, and I'm guessing it rarely happens in your kitchen either.

Those mothers are HEAVY!

I spent the waiting time – scheduled delivery was between 2:15 and 4:15, yesterday – finishing up House of Cards (wow, what a great series), finishing up two pairs of fingerless mittens (they'll be mailed today), occasionally stirring the curried chicken in the slow cooker (enough for leftovers, since I would have a refrigerator in which to store them).

We were supposed to get a call in the morning, which didn't come. I called at around 3 and got a recording stating my delivery was scheduled for … you saw this coming, right? … today. Not yesterday, March 4, which is what is printed on my receipt and confirmed in three e-mails.

Apparently a truck broke down.

Now I can understand a mechanical failure – an unavoidable circumstance – which would necessitate rescheduling. What I can't understand is why. we. weren't. called.

After several missteps – the delivery number was to a call center, not to the local store – I finally reached a woman who actually knew what was going on. She said we weren't going to have our appliance delivered until Thursday. She couldn't give us a time window, but promised to call in the morning to let us know.

We haven't had a refrigerator for TWO WEEKS. I'm going nuts.

So last night I was driving to my volunteer gig at Alderson FPC and my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number so I let it go, and later checked my messages. It was an update on my delivery. It's coming today, between 1:15 and 3:15. Bwahahahahaha. That's not happening. I have been assured by a live person that a replacement vehicle will not be available today at all.

I saved the message.

Oh, and since it's Wednesday … I lost half a pound. This clean eating is a really good idea. Heh.

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Vickie said...

I ordered a mirror, full size, decorative kind. It was expensive. I was on sale. I had a 20% coupon. I had credit. I got it down to $60 with free shipping. Since it was so big, it could not come thru ups, fed ex, etc. it was coming by delivery truck thru one of their warehouses (like a mattress would). They told me it would be a month and I would get a phone call for delivery. Weeks later, got a voice mail that said my mirror had accidentally gone to Florida instead of Indiana, so they had CANCELLED the whole order. I called and said - why in the heck would you cancel? Why wouldn't you call and simply say your mirror will be there in X days/weeks? By then it wasn't one sale, my coupon and credit had expired. Yes, when I called they figured it all out and I got my mirror for $60. Customer service that straightened it all out could not figure out why they would have cancelled either.