Tuesday, March 25, 2014

That was nice

Taking a little bloggy break was refreshing. And even though I commit every month to writing every day, I don't feel guilty for missing a few. I even missed one of the photo prompts, mostly because it was "I'm loving," and I was loving being with my younger granddaughter but I don't post photos of her anywhere.

What's not nice? This:
That would be snow. At first light it was only on the ground, but it's now sticking to the driveway and porch and road. I've seen a snowplow go by once, which is kind of silly because it's all going to melt later, when the temperature rockets to a balmy 37° in the early afternoon.

In the meantime … ick.

Food choices over the weekend did not go well, but very little damage was done, according to my weigh-in this morning. We'll see what happens tomorrow, when the official weekly number is recorded.

Saturday was beautiful in North Carolina, and my son and I walked four miles together while his wife and daughter were at a birthday party. Sunday's weather wasn't so great, however – rain and chilly temperatures kept us from any kind of outdoor activity other than running from the car into church or from the car into TRADER JOE'S! I really really like shopping there.

And now, it's back to sort of normal. Winter normal instead of spring normal, but mostly the normal of home: laundry, cooking, cleaning – all the things I don't have to do when I'm someone's guest.

Ah, well. I'm happy that I'm welcome there, and happy to be welcomed home again. It's a good life I have, no matter where I am.

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gingerzingi said...

I'm very happy we missed the snow this time - it was close, though. And cold drizzly rain is no fun either.

Pollen season is just about to start, so I'll start complaining about that soon.