Tuesday, March 11, 2014

West Virginia, we have a problem. Abort! Abort!

Okay, I can't stop myself. Feel free to not read if politics bores you. I'm ranting for myself and you won't hurt my feelings.

Saturday, March 8, 2014, West Virginia became the first Democratically controlled state legislature in the country to pass a bill restricting post-20-week abortions. Many southern red states have done the same. Some of those laws have been found to be unconstitutional. We're the first blueish state to do so.

I say "blueish" because we are on our way to becoming a red state, despite having a majority of registered Democratic voters, a Democratic governor, a Democratic majority in our state legislature, and two Democratic US Senators. West Virginia is represented by three seats in Congress, only one of which is held by a Democrat.

I also say blueish because many of those voters, the governor, many Delegates and state Senators and one US Senator are what we call DINOs – Democrats In Name Only. Oh, they like to say they're "moderates" or "center-left," but really? They have a lot of 'splainin' to do.

Let me say right here and right now that I would and will do whatever I can to reduce the number of abortions. For me, that means increasing sex education and expanding access to contraception. None of us who call ourselves pro-choice are at the same time pro-abortion. It's a last resort.

And for women who learn late in their pregnancies that something has gone terribly wrong, it needs to remain a choice.

Only five Senators opposed West Virginia's bill. None of them are up for re-election this year. Which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the rest of them: They're either Republican and right-to-life advocates or Democrats whose seats are up for grabs.

The state party platform specifically states, in a section on women's health, that all health decisions, including reproductive health, are made privately without interference from the government, insurance companies or employers. All the Dems who voted for the bill flipped off the party platform.

The state party leaders need to step up and do whatever it takes to turn the party around.

That is all.

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