Friday, March 28, 2014

Yesterday's walk was a lot like life

You know how comparing a small thing to something much bigger can sometimes help you get a little perspective on things? I don't usually analyze my walks like this, but yesterday's really did seem like a metaphor for a life well-lived. It was:

the right length …
I'd hate to live too long, in pain and discomfort (as my grandmother did) or too little (as my mother did). Yesterday's five-miler was perfect.
sometimes chilly …
Because no life is perfect, after all. The winds were a bit fierce at times, but I managed to push through.
and sometimes sunny.
Warming my face and making me happy I'd chosen not to bring a heavy jacket.
I'm just hoping there IS a walk today. It's supposed to rain all morning, while I'm out running errands and attending another political event. But by mid-afternoon the rain moves out, I'll be home and that five mile path will be waiting for me.

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