Monday, April 21, 2014

Boston Strong. And other things.

I haven't participated in a large organized race in mumble-mumble years. I want to, again, sometime before my time is up, but I guess I don't want to enough, or I would already have registered for one, right? (I'm thinking about a fall race, but definitely still just in the thinking about stage.)

But just because I no longer participate doesn't mean I don't love race days, and the Boston Marathon is certainly one to watch. It will be on while I'm working upstairs.

We all remember last year's horrific ending. (And the Virginia Tech massacre happened on Boston Marathon day, as well.) The winners had crossed the finish line a couple hours prior to the blasts going off. The medal ceremony was canceled. Boston was mayhem.

And Boston Strong emerged from the chaos.

I remember watching the evening news right after the Oklahoma City bombing, and Peter Jennings (or maybe it was Tom Brokaw) said, "The worst in the least of us brings out the best in the rest of us." And that's what's happened in Boston and, (I hope) in the rest of the country.

The country sure could use the best of the rest of us. Sometimes it seems like the least of us speak louder, grab more attention, make more noise.

My husband and I took his mother out for Easter brunch yesterday. (I was able to stick to the paleo plan easily, having checked out the menu ahead of time. Tons o'vegetable choices, all of them scrumptious!)

Driving home past a locally owned and very popular restaurant – normally packed after church but on Easter, closed – we noted its sign: CONGRATS TO THE BUNDY FAMILY.

Y'know that sound effect of a needle scratching across a record? Yeah, that went through my brain. That's a pretty overt message to see in our little town. I know we're in the middle of Redneck, WV – the Confederate and Don't Tread on Me flags are ubiquitous – but still. For a business to display such a message is unprecedented here.

So. No more coffee at Kirk's. No more women's meetings around a big table. No more family reunion breakfasts. I won't support any business that so loudly and proudly spouts views opposed to mine.

Good thing I like to cook, right?

And I guess, in the end, it's a somewhat effective way for the best of the rest of us to respond to the worst of the least us.

I happen to think cheering those runners on today is another one.


denise said...

My mother, who spends WAY too much time watching Faux News, said to me this weekend that the government should let those people alone - after all, the government isn't using that land for anything, so why not let them graze their cattle on it.

I, in turn, said, "Well, we're not really using our backyard right now, but I doubt you would want someone to pitch a tent back and live on it."

Of course, the answer to that was "but that's different…" She went on to complain about how the government was going to start a war etc. etc. SO frustrating, but there you have it - the Fox mentality. UGH!

Yesterday we came home from my brother's place after lunch and she turned Faux News on and fell asleep. I went out and turned it to another channel! Just trying to do my part to deprogram her, but I'm afraid that's a long row to hoe… :-)

Debbi said...

Oh that would drive me MAD! In every sense of the word. Good for you for doing your part!