Sunday, April 6, 2014

Getting sprung

I posted a photo yesterday on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter of a little white wildflower I've been seeing the last couple of days. I learned it's called bloodroot (because it has a red stem), Native Americans used it for dyeing purposes and according to one commenter bloodroot is a sure sign of spring.

There's no doubt in my mind, however, that spring has sprung here in southern West Virginia, but not because of the newly emerging bloodroot. It's because of ASPARAGUS!

Prior to the last snowfall (I pray it's the last, but one never knows), one little stalk had popped up in the asparagus bed. The cold nipped it quickly, sadly, but now that I've cut back the dead stalks and cleaned the bed up there's plenty of room for new growth. There will be enough to pick and add to an omelette by tomorrow, probably. Tuesday for sure.

Other signs of spring are showing up all over our property and neighborhood. The day lilies and lilacs are leafing out. The daffodils are putting on an impressive show. 

I've also noticed tiny leaves on the apple trees and horseradish plants pushing their way up through the dirt. 

And you know me … when the food starts growing, it's SPRING.


denise said...

Yes, Spring is moving fast - especially in the South. When we were driving south from PA to GA, we could see more and more signs of spring the further south we got. When we return after being here for 2 weeks, I fully expect we will see many, many more signs of spring through the south and the first definite signs of spring in the north. I'm looking forward to observing the differences.

What I'm not looking forward to is another week and a half of high pollen counts and green cars here in GA. How quickly we forget! I had already put this part of spring behind me in my memory banks! But can't complain too much as there are many advantages to spring in GA including the beautify azaleas and other plants that are blooming in great numbers!

Kathy said...

Spring is trying to stay around here in Pittsburgh. May day lilies are starting to come back to life. I was not sure they would survive the winter.The birds are also chirping and warbling in the morning. It certainly is a welcome site

Winnie said...

Charlie used to grown asparagus in the yard for years. When he got sick someone came and mowed them down to the ground even after being hold not to. They never returned! It was so weird. Still not much life up here yet, but I did get crocus this week, even with the snow on Monday!