Friday, April 25, 2014

Making progress …

at least with the mileage goal. Still no weight change.

Last Friday I calculated I'd need to walk 4.58 miles per day, every day, the rest of the year, to hit 1500 on New Year's Eve.

Today it's down to …
So there's that.

I've really been getting into the walking groove lately. Five miles has been the minimum for many, many days now. I skipped April 7, probably weather-related, and the last missed day was in March.
Time to step up the pace, I think, at least a couple times a week. Not hard to do … just need to make  it a priority. The little arrows above the 7-miler this past Monday indicates that was the longest and fastest workout in the previous 30 days. Even then, the average was just 4mph. I can do better.

Will it make a difference? Who knows? After three weeks of another strict Whole30 and no weight loss, I'm beginning to think I have the slowest metabolism on the planet. I feel great, though. Eating primally most definitely works for me. I don't feel deprived, I don't have cravings, and this eating plan has solved a number of baggy little health issues.

I'm sticking with it for the long haul.


Vickie said...

Did you add upper body?

Debbi said...

Nope. Clearly not a priority ... sadly. It won't happen until I make it happen.