Sunday, April 27, 2014

Plan the plans …

Well, replacing the pulley on the rowing machine proved to be more than I could handle. This old brain simply can't remember how I did it the last time. I have an instruction sheet, which assumes one has much more skill and intuition than I do. I've put a request in for a friend's husband to have a look at it. If he can't, I'll ask a neighbor who is handy with things like this.

I hate to admit defeat, but there you go.

Today's plan is to walk first, finish mowing next and then meet my husband at his mother's to prune her Chinese maple tree. The one that's never been properly pruned and is so overgrown it's blocking the sidewalk.

I've no idea how long that job will take.

While I was at the garden center getting pruning advice, I picked up a few herbs – rosemary, cilantro and parsley – hoping for a bit of gardening inspiration. The herb bed I so lovingly built a couple years ago is overgrown with weeds and the lemon balm has spread everywhere. It's discouraging. The comfrey, chives, rhubarb and marjoram (or is that oregano?) are doing well. Some cilantro has reseeded but that lemon balm spread into the cilantro area and I know I'm going to have to rip everything out.

I'd much rather be working on my herb bed than my mother-in-law's tree, but that tree is blocking access to the sidewalk in front of her house. It must be done.

The herbs can wait.

Anyhoo … busy day on tap and I'm going to get it started! Hope your Sunday is pleasant and peaceful and as productive as you want it to be.


denise said...

As you saw on FB, my brothers dug up and arranged two 4' x 4' garden beds for me last month. Now, as the time to do something with them approaches, I'm feeling quite stressed about how I will manage it. This is my first foray into gardening in the ground (vs. containers), so it's seems a bit overwhelming to plan out.

I am thinking maybe I'll do my herbs in containers rather than put them in the garden plots, but then I'm not sure what will end up in the ground other than tomatoes if I don't take up space with herbs…hmmm…so many decisions.

Will be interesting to see what I make of it all.

Hope you get time to address your garden soon. I always enjoy reading about what you have growing. It was a big part of my inspiration to get into the gardening business myself!

Vickie said...

You can drop your containers into the ground. Keeps roots in place. Makes pots hold water longer. Then can lift pots and store in garage for winter if you like.

Debbi said...

Someone told me the best thing to plant in a garden is what you like to eat. I don't know why I wasted so much garden space on green beans those first couple years. I RARELY buy them, and then only the flat Italian ones. I love squash, both summer and winter, so I make sure to plant plenty of both. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers and cucumbers are musts in my cooking, but may not be for you. Think about what you'd like to have on hand. Then plant that! (That's why I grow onions, for example. I ALWAYS need an onion.)