Monday, April 28, 2014

This does not bode well

The internets are acting up today, of all days, the day when that annual report I've been working on for the past couple weeks is due to go to the printer.


Here's what I get on some web pages:
In my email, instead of images, I see little blue question marks.

This has happened before, but I never know why it happens and I never know why or how it clears itself up. Today is not the day to deal with "issues," however.

I ended up logging 38 miles last week, and if I can get five a day for the next three days I can close out April at 162. That would break my record. My previous high month was last September, when I logged 155.

It's supposed to rain these last three days of April, but as I've said previously, it rarely rains constantly. There's usually a little window of walking opportunity where I can get one in.

I had to cut yesterday's effort down to four miles, due to time constraints. I'd thought I might be able to tack another mile on after I finished pruning that tree at my mother-in-law's, but WOW was I ever tired and sore when I got home!

That. Was. A. Hard. Job.

I meant to take before-and-after pictures, but completely forgot to do it. The before was rather Cousin It-like, with feathery leaves falling clear to the ground and spreading out over the porch steps on one side and the sidewalk on another. I gave it quite the haircut. My experience is that plants like being whacked back. They, in fact, thrive when their branches are thinned out.

Maybe that's what "room to grow" means. Ya think?

Here's a fairly good representation of the state of the tree before I did surgery.
And next time I'm in town I'll remember to snap the after.

At any rate … a four-mile walk, an hour and a half finishing the mowing job and two hours trimming foliage with a combination of loppers, a saw and a hedge trimmer left me exhausted, sore and ready to rest. Definitely not ready for one more mile.

And if five miles are going to happen today, they need to happen before 11 a.m., as that's when the storms are supposed to begin.

No time like the present! Hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be. And I also hope your week is off to a good start.

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