Saturday, April 26, 2014

We're in for it now

A great weekend on tap, weather wise, and not much in the way of commitments. My to-do list might actually get to-done.

One thing that got done last night was the endless garter-stitch cotton scarf I've been working of forever. Well, it seems like forever, as that's the nature of both garter stitch and scarves. But it's very cool and I'm glad it's done. I've never worn scarves as accessories, but these little floaty ones are fun and flattering, and I think I'll get a lot of use from this.

If I don't give it to my daughter for her birthday, which I'm seriously thinking of doing. I have a huge cone of this slubby cotton yarn and could make another one for me. Someday. Maybe.

I can't even remember when I started knitting this one. Seriously, though, if I don't have something compelling to watch on television, I don't knit. And I especially don't just sit and knit endless garter-stitch scarves.

It's good to have options, though.

I need to mow later today, when it dries up a bit. We had a lot of rain yesterday, including thunder and lightning and a brief blip of a power outage, while I was working on that annual report – another seemingly endless project that is sooooo close to being done. Fortunately a career in computer graphics teaches one to save, save, save, and I didn't have to redo much of the work.

My chore list includes fixing the rowing machine, and I do believe that's going to happen today. Using the rower for 20 to 30 minutes a day would accomplish more than simply hoisting dumbbells, and it's a shame for that equipment to just sit in the garage unused. I don't mind letting go of the elliptical at all. But when I was working out in a gym 20 years ago, I got a lot of benefit from the rower. I'm not quite ready to give up on using mine.

Fixing it is a messy job and one I've put off far too long. I hope that making it an intention here, in public, will spur me to actually make the repair – which should only take half an hour or so.

Later this week we're supposed to have a lot of rain, which will be a good time to take care of the "sewing" section of the to-dos. We rarely have rainy days where there isn't at least a brief window for walking outdoors, though, so I expect to keep that streak going.

And now that spring has truly sprung … the herb bed and vegetable garden need a lot of attention. Tomorrow will be the perfect day for that.

I hope you both have a great weekend. I'm planning to.

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Vickie said...

I agree, rower is fabulous. You are lucky to have that option. Owner of my old gym used to say, if you only have time to do one thing, make it the rower, maximum benefit.