Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wow, way to drop the ball

So whoopsie, sorry for ignoring you this week. It was a combination of late mornings and too much to do. Something had to go, and blogging was it.

But I'm still here, alive and kicking, just too busy for words. LITERALLY! But the daily photo posts have continued, thus keeping the spirit of the daily post alive.

IF I'm going to publish a post every day, I have to be up and at 'em pretty early, in order to have some quiet time to spew reflect and record what's been happening in my head in my world. That's been impossible this week, as we had to be up early a couple of mornings to pick up our Amish neighbor, who painted our garage. He finished Thursday afternoon, I spent the rest of Thursday preparing for overnight guests and yesterday morning was fixing a big breakfast to send them on their way.

Don't get me wrong: I've had plenty of down time to cruise Facebook and Twitter and some down time to browse through Instagram and Pinterest. My email has piled up again, however, and I just can't seem to write later in the day.

So. We both got a break. You're welcome! Heh.

The Whole 30 is going well. I roasted a turkey Wednesday and have been happily eating the leftovers for lunches and snacks. I haven't yet needed to go back a year in my LoseIt files to see what I ate then, because seriously? Meat and vegetables is pretty easy to do. I'm eating lots more vegetables than I'd been eating lately. So much so that LoseIt gave me an award!

I started this Whole 30 out logging food every day, but that has quickly gone by the wayside. I do think it's a good habit to establish, however, so I'm going to begin anew today. I skipped Thursday and Friday and can't even begin to go back and figure out what I ate.

What else … I'm knitting a scarf – my least favorite project to tackle because they go on forever – and I'm loving how it looks. The yarn is a really thin white cotton with occasional slabs of either black or white. I'm using big fat needles and plain old garter stitch and it's moving along. But I still have to knit a couple more feet of plain old garter stitch before it will be long enough to call it done. It's stretchy and you'd better believe I'm going to stretchy it out as long as I can when I block it. I actually wish it would knit itself, though.

The only thing I've planted in the big garden is grass seed (in half of it). Downsizing the vegetable plot was a good idea. When I look at the remaining plantable space it'd not nearly so overwhelming to me. We have a couple more cold days coming up next week and then I think I'll begin throwing seeds in there. The herb bed is only slightly less messy than it has been – I've pulled a few dead plants, but the lemon balm took over last summer and I need to dig a lot of it out.

The one gardening success this week has been the asparagus bed. Lots of little stalks are shooting up and I was able to get the entire bed weeded and mulched before the painting project began. (The asparagus is planted next to the garage.)

And I haven't even talked about all the political stuff going on! You're welcome!

A busy week, indeed. I halfway thought about doing a local 5K this morning but I'm just not feeling it. I tripped over an exposed root out in the yard day before yesterday and I think the daily walk is as much as I want to do until my left knee feels a little better. I'm doing great with my mileage. Even skipping Monday (rain, rain, rain), at this point I still only have to average 4.6 miles/day to make the 1500-mile goal for the year. And the nicer it is outside, the farther I want to go.

Which explains why my house is such a mess.


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Winnie said...

I am going to try planting grass seed today with Alan. I never have, and had someone do it, and they really have been doing a horrible job (laying fertilizer down during a heat wave and not telling us so it burned the lawn). Lots of weird stuff like that, so this year I told them just to mow, and we will do the rest. I have spreaders etc and for the amount they charge, I had the worst lawn ever. When Charlie passed way I had them seed the veggie garden and when I got my head together, I went back and started again with planters and pots and it was doable for me.

Glad to hear you program is going well and your running is too. Nice weather has that effect of me too, I want to be out. My house...well, it will be worked on during the week.