Thursday, May 1, 2014

April: Done and dusted!

I rocked the walking in April!
The graphic kind of looks like a thumbless hand,
with one finger pointed up. I'm Number ONE!
Only 1,110 miles to go, and with 245 days left in 2014, that means as of today I need to log 4.53 miles per day to hit 1500. Are you getting tired of me making these calculations and keeping such close track? I'm sorry if you are, but it's really been helpful to set that goal. And while it seems out of reach at times, it really isn't.

So far, anyway.

One hundred sixty-four miles beats every month since I started tracking. Previous high was 155, last September.

I gotta express how grateful I am that, at my age – I'll be 63 this month – I can comfortably walk five-plus (5.66, to be exact) miles a day, nearly every day. The weather kept me from getting out just one day last month.

I only wish I were seeing a corresponding decrease in my weight as I increase the mileage. But OH WELL. It'll happen. I'm confident. And if this is it as far as my weight goes … well, that's just dandy. Because I haven't felt this great in years.

I might take a day off today. Then again I might not. The schedule is pretty full, with a candidate's meeting this morning, a lunch date and another meeting in the afternoon.

But late afternoon is still open. Heh. And we can have quick-to-fix bacon-and-eggs for dinner.


Toledo Lefty said...

The walking is great for your health, no matter what the scale says. And your graph looks like a triumphant "I'm #1!"

gingerzingi said...

I understand the craving for more weight loss, but on the other hand, you lost A LOT of weight this past year. And I'm so impressed with your walking - that has got to be the absolute best overall exercise for health and fitness. You are definitely rocking that!