Thursday, May 22, 2014

Busier than a …

I can't even come up with a good description for how busy I've been lately and will be the next few days.

The one thing that hasn't fallen off the rails is the walking. Didn't get to walk last Thursday because of the rain, but have continued to walk and/or run every day since, no matter what else is going on. I'm really glad walking is a priority, for the physical and mental benefits.

Yesterday was the first big "cheat" day I've had with food in a long, long time. The day began early (as days are wont to do) and I chose to not eat breakfast before I left. That really set me up for a day of less-than-ideal choices: a mid-morning frappucino with whipped cream, quiche for lunch with the crust and pesto pasta primavera for dinner with the pasta. Quite a decadent day, all in all.

I'm trying not to make judgements about yesterday's food. It's just food. I'm sure I'm going to feel a little achier today than I normally do and I fell into bed right after dinner last night. My energy level was below empty at that point.

The busy-ness continues with a banquet tonight (I have no idea what the menu will be but I'll do my best to eat reasonably) and a family reunion the remainder of the weekend, capped off on Sunday with my birthday. I may or may not be updating the next few days. (After going back and looking at my last post, this isn't really much of an update but more like "more of the same." OH WELL. That kind of illustrates pretty perfectly where my head is at lately, doesn't it?)

At any rate. I'm kinda busy. Gotta go. Thanks for reading, as always.

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Toledo Lefty said...

It's hard when you're traveling. It just isn't always practical to bring your own food, and you have to make the best choices you can. When you're tired and hungry, that's harder.