Friday, May 9, 2014

Oh the weather outside's delightful

Pretty sad when the only thing you can think of to blog about is the beautiful weather.

I guess it's better than the endless posts about winter, though, right? RIGHT?

Should get the right half finished today and then PLANT!
I finally got the tiller out yesterday. The upside of that is that a big chore got started. I turned over a little more than half of the area I'm going to plant. The downside is that I only walked four miles in the morning, thinking I'd get that other mile or two in later, but I was so tired and sore after tilling (I also got some weeding done in the herb bed) that I didn't get another short walk in.


I banked a couple extra miles Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'm still ahead of the game. I've already logged 26 miles this week. I'm trying to do 40/week while the weather's good, anticipating the fall and winter days when I'll end up doing less.

So today is the last day of the Gingerzingi/Knit.Run.Reap.Eat. Whole 30. Which isn't going to make a whole lot of difference in my menu planning. As both of you know, I feel/sleep/function better on a primal plan. But it'll be nice to have another pumpkin muffin made with nut flour.

I'm disappointed I didn't lose any weight. In fact, I weigh exactly the same today as I did when we began. I'd still like to lose about 20 pounds and I'm 3 points above a normal BMI.

But my size 10 jeans still fit. So there's that.

It feels way wonderful to wear clothes that fit comfortably and look nice, rather than fit comfortably and look like I'm ready for bed. Heh.


Toledo Lefty said...

The winter was SOOOO terrible but this spring is beautiful, and it's hard to believe that about a month ago, there was snow on the ground. I love the way spring is here, everything blooms with a vengeance.

I'm surprised you didn't lose, but that would suggest to me that you're not eating that much better on the Whole 30 plan than you do normally, which means that you eat very healthy even when you're not doing the plan. If you wanted to lose, you could try counting your calories with something like LoseIt and still be on your primal plan.

Debbi said...

That's what I'm planning to do. I've really gotten away from tracking calories. The downside is its harder to calculate calories for paleo recipes. But I think your suggestion is one I should be following. Thanks for commenting!

Toledo Lefty said...

Good luck! LoseIt has a nice recipe builder that should make it easier if you make the same things a lot.

hafong said...

I talk about the weather a lot, too! And our winter was COLD but we had Feb. in Arizona. Our spring is oh so late, just getting warm. Nothing much green(except my bedding plants) or blooming yet.

I lost 5-6 lbs in a couple of weeks recently by cutting back the honey in my tea. I drank a lot of tea but have cut back to 2 regular sized cups. Threw out all my big gigantic mugs!