Monday, May 12, 2014

Should I stay or should I go?

My blogging has been sporadic lately, and also banal, boring, uninspiring and did I say boring? It's not that those qualities have infused my life lately, but this isn't a tell-all blog. And there's a lot going on that is front-and-center in real life that I can't or won't share here.

Leaving me to write about:

  • mileage goals
  • weight-loss goals
  • gardening goals

And little else.

I've taken long breaks before. The transition time from The Shrinking Knitter to this blog was a couple of weeks. (I actually thought it was a couple of months, but I just checked.) For the most part, though, I've been posting regularly for a long, long time, and daily for a couple of years.

It's that damned NaBloPoMo. I keep signing up, month after month, but quality suffers, eventually, when quantity takes precedence. Or perhaps there was never much quality in the first place.

The one goal I'm truly committed to is walking 1500 miles this year. I'm not quite a third of the way there – 457 after yesterday's eight-miler. We're 12 days into the second third of the year. I've finally gotten the required daily miles below 4.5. But I need to keep doing five or six a day to make up for the days I eventually won't get to log anything – travel days, weather days, sick days … they're out there, waiting.

At any rate, the daily photos will continue, but I'm rethinking writing daily just for the sake of writing. I'm definitely not signing up for June NaBloPoMo. It may be a while before I have anything worth sharing. Or I may be back tomorrow. Indecision rules.

In so many areas.


Toledo Lefty said...

That's why I stopped doing NaBloPoMo -- I might choose a month to blog every day, but blogging every day is no fun if you don't have anything to say. With your photo posts, you qualify as a daily blogger even if you don't write.

I think you should post when you want to, about what you want to.

Shantel C said...

I feel ya. I just started blogging again yesterday. I get myself so caught up in worrying about if anyone cares about what I'm writing about, I stop cold turkey.

I agree with Toledo Lefty.. do it when you want about what you want.