Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dinner – Two of two


Maybe not technically a quiche, because it doesn't have cheese in it and hey, quiche Lorraine – the quintessential quiche – is all about the cheese.

But this one is close enough for paleo purposes.

I decided to adapt the recipe right from the get-go this time, instead of making it as directed the first time. I've made plenty of quiches and frittatas in my day, and felt pretty confident that it would all work out.

The beauty of this version is it has a crust, of sorts. My paleo quiches are crustless, so this was a real treat and not much extra fussing was necessary.

The mandoline made short work of slicing a small white sweet potato, which I layered in the bottom of a tart pan. I then started piling on the ingredients: thinly sliced onions, fresh mushrooms, piles of spinach, cherry tomatoes and browned pork sausage.

A quick turn with the stick blender and the eggs and coconut milk were ready to pour over everything.

Then I edited these photos and began writing this post while it baked.

Verdict? Delicious! Yummy! Definitely will do again.

Maybe even tonight, since today is a fairly busy day and I have everything I need to duplicate it.

Before I get busier ... time to walk. My leg is still sore in a hurt-muscle kind of way, but I walked six miles yesterday and survived, so I've no doubt I can do it again today. Enjoy your day ... I know I will.

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