Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm not as young as I used to be

Nor are any of us, obviously.

My Sunday began early, after a somewhat sleep-deprived Saturday night, and ended late, as I knew it would. It was a long day of driving, driving, driving, lunch, long meeting, driving, driving, driving. The second driving part was fun because I had the company of a real live adult who talks (unlike my husband, who is more, um, contemplative when we're traveling together). The morning drive went fine because I caught up on the Moth. (My husband's contemplation isn't enhanced by podcasts when we're traveling together.)

The lunch was basically make-your-own sub sandwiches accompanied by cole slaw and cookies. How very not paleo. I skipped the bun, naturally, and ate lots of processed meat, something I'm not used to at all. Another member of our group has also been following a more natural, gluten-free diet and we agreed we did the best we could.

Both of us were ill yesterday.

I'd love to, sometimes, go back to my younger days when I could bounce back easily from a long day of stress and bad food.

I think those days are, sadly, behind me.

Feeling better today, my goal will be to walk and work outdoors, a repeat of Saturday. I hope your day goes well for each of you!

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