Saturday, June 21, 2014

The longest day

This is it, folks. We now begin the gentle descent into full-on summer – heat, humidity, pop-up thunderstorms, weeds and more weeds.

Hmmm. Sounds a lot like what we've been experiencing for the last week or 10 days.

BUT GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX! Oh, and there's no such thing as climate change. <snort>

We had a lovely storm yesterday that dropped four-tenths of an inch of rain on my very thirsty garden. I sat outside as the wind began to push the storm our way. Hershey was nearby; ever since the derecho in 2012 she's been a little nervous during stormy weather.

Once it began raining I left the porch and just watched it pour. The first shower didn't last long, but another one came through and stuck around for a while.

I walked yesterday in the late morning, a little more than six miles. I'm up to 621 miles for the year, which is 130 short of where I should be. OH WELL. Ever since I had that leg cramp Monday I've found that four miles is about my comfort limit. After that my right leg stiffens up. I'm not willing to cut the mileage, however, I just keep walking but at a bit slower pace. My leg doesn't hurt at all when I wake up, but as the day goes on, the soreness returns.

In a couple of years, my neighbor's
sedum border will look as lush and
gorgeous as this. I hope.
What can I say … I'm in my 60s, after all, and most women my age have some aches and pains. That doesn't mean I have to settle for it, it just means I shouldn't be surprised.

After I had some lunch yesterday I grabbed some tools and some plants and a watering can and walked to the neighbor's to spruce up a tiny little spot in her front yard that I promised I would do after her husband died. She has a lovely handmade wooden sign with the name of their farm on it, mounted on fenceposts. I put a hosta in the space under the sign and beneath the posts, with a sedum border all the way around. She's always put annuals in there, but they never do very well. I think this combination will work. Practically zero maintenance, and it'll be there every year.

Aaaaand … that's all I got for today. Happy Summer Solstice to both of you!

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