Thursday, July 3, 2014

My mid-year mileage

I really like the MapMyRun app, and appreciate not having to figure out mileage and time and splits and pace using my questionable mathy skills, which have atrophied over time and which were never my strong suit anyway. I was probably in the art room when I should have been learning long division.

A couple days ago I got a MapMyRun mid-year total.
And when I used my remaining mathy skills, I determined that I've averaged 4.4 miles per workout this year. With 181 days and 829 miles to go in 2014, it's not likely I'll make the 1500-mile goal I recently abandoned. But I could probably do better than last year's 1300.


See how crazy I am? That I would even do the math and try to figure it out and what was I thinking?!?!?

Well, who knew we'd have such a brutal winter and I'd lose a month of walking days because of snow and ice and cold, oh my?

Those numbers make me feel good, but they really don't matter. What matters is I'm still committed to walking as frequently as I can, for as long as I'm able. 


gingerzingi said...

On a different subject, something on your site is doing full-screen pop-up ads that block your blog and don't go away for 30 seconds. Eventually a "close" button appears, but it takes a while. The most recent one was for a Gambling Problem Hotline -

(I don't want to promulgate the website, but thought you might want to know what it is)

Debbi said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I'll see how to remove them. That's definitely not something I want as part of the reading experience for the blog!