Saturday, September 27, 2014

2500 problems but this blog ain't one

A milestone: This is my 2500th post here at KRRE, which came alive in mid-May of 2008.

I had abandoned the Shrinking Knitter a couple weeks earlier, for personal reasons, after not quite 700 posts. I started blogging January 10, 2006. Anyone still here who remembers those days?

Y'all have been through a lot with me, there and here. After a very long courtship, my husband and I were married, and we've had five grandchildren since I began SK. I don't share much about the little ones, because I think it's important to protect their privacy.

And the blog is not, after all, about them.

Most of my posts are weight-loss-, fitness- or health-related. When I began gardening in earnest, a friend suggested changing the name from Knit Run Repeat to Knit Run Reap Eat, a great improvement and one that covered all the bases.

The new base, the one that isn't covered, is liberal politics, but I've learned that no one really minds if I head off on a tangent. I'm not forcing you to read anything here, after all. You've invited yourself, and I'm happy to have you, but you're always free to move on. I don't even know, not being one to check stats or care much about traffic.

For all these bloggy years, I've been writing for me. To hold myself accountable. To remember and mark important occasions. The blog is a diary, a calendar, a sounding board, a record-keeper, a photo album.

And no matter how long you've been reading – eight years or eight days or eight hours – I'm glad you're here. I love your comments, though there are far fewer these days than there've been in the past. I'm guilty of not leaving many comments on others' blogs, too. We all get busy. Heck, I've got 400-plus unread posts in Feedly right now.

That's what being a busy Democrat during an election cycle will do to your free time.

I don't knit as much as I used to. I've switched from running to walking. This year's garden was dismal (except for the squash, I have PLENTY O'SQUASH!), and the eating has morphed into a paleo template.

I've finally lost a lot of weight and have kept most of it off for more than a year now. I'd like to be thinner and more fit, and that will definitely continue to be a focus going forward.

Because 2500 posts isn't the end. I thought about it. I'm super busy and blogging sometimes feels like a job. But when I need to remember something that happened that's just out of reach in my brain, all I have to do is search the blog[s] and invariably I find what I'm looking for.

As long as blogging is rewarding and useful, I'll keep writing.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I added a new tab at the top – click to see some of what's been keeping me so busy this summer!


denise said...

I've been with you almost from the beginning - for sure through at least the last 3 years of SK if not more. I remember your wedding and have been thinking of you a lot lately as I try to remember what you recommended for the garden at this time of year - cardboard comes to mind.

It's been a pleasure to follow your journey(s) through this blog and now through FB and even occasionally an email or two. You are one of my real life heroes - or is that heroines? - a woman who makes up her mind and then gets it done - whatever it takes. So proud of your weight loss and maintenance. And now envious of your deep political convictions and willingness to work to support them.

I don't comment much anymore because it's periodically not working for me, but I'm still a loyal follower - and very much looking forward to the next 2500!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading, even if I'm not commenting. And sometimes catching up on a whole week on Friday. But I'm reading :)