Thursday, September 18, 2014

Conference weekend

And another weekend where I'll be eating every meal at someone else's mercy.

Fortunately the hotel rooms have mini-fridges. I'm taking homemade Larabars and hard-cooked eggs, as I'm not sure what kind of breakfast options will be available. I think tomorrow's lunch will be on our own (not part of the conference). Finding a suitable salad shouldn't be an issue.

I requested gluten-free options for remaining meals. I think I've done all I can do to prepare for food.

The hotel has a fitness center, but the weather forecast is for GORGEOUS, so I'll try to get outside early each morning to walk somewhere. Google Earth should be helpful in determining if I can stay near the hotel or if I'll have to drive somewhere.

Last year at this conference I fell while I was running and split my knee wide open. I still have a scar. I was in a bit better shape a year ago, as I'd been running fairly regularly. And I weighed about 10 pounds less.

It's discouraging how quickly weight can be regained compared to how slowly it is released. And the effort to gain vs the effort to lose – NO comparison! AM I RIGHT? =)

At any rate, I have a lot to do this morning before I head out. But I feel more accountable checking in prior to take-off. Hope your next few days will be as fun and fulfilling and rewarding as mine will be!

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GMG Knits said...

Would you be willing to share your Larabar recipe?