Monday, October 20, 2014

Early adapter

Well, Apple updated its OS again. I wouldn't have known about it, probably, because I certainly wasn't looking. But since I saw the notice – somewhere, I don't even remember where – I OF COURSE immediately downloaded the update.

Immediately, of course, being a relative term, since millions of us were all downloading it at the same time. It literally took more than A DAY to update the OS and all the other applications that were affected.

So far, so good, even though my MacBookAir is pretty old. (The general rule of thumb is if your hardware is more than two years old, a new OS may not work all that well.)

The best best best thing, so far, is how much more hard drive space I have! Installing Yosemite reclaimed about 8GB. Once I find time to go through and delete the obscure, never-played, get-it-free songs on iTunes, I should have at least that much more.

I like to think my hard drive has a food baby, and once we get that digested it will get back to its slim and efficient self.

I wish it were that easy for me, but it's not and I'm busy and at this point I'm just waiting:

  • Until the election is over.
  • Until I have more time to walk/cook/plan.
  • Until I can stock up on the foods that work for me.
  • Until my mojo comes back.

I'm not going crazy, but I'm definitely feeling like not much is working for me right now. I know, I know, I just bragged about dropping six pounds. And that was fun! But I have to be so, so vigilant, and I just haven't had time to continue the effort.

Holding on is as good as it gets right now. Two weeks and a day ... let the countdown begin.

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