Monday, November 3, 2014

My left foot

Some time ago, a long time ago, I had edema in my left foot. Chronic. Annoying. Unexplained.

I'm talking a really long time ago, probably back in the Shrinking Knitter days.

Yesterday it came back.

Ugh. It hurt to walk. I ended up taking a Lasix before bed. That's how bad it was – I was willing to get up to pee two or three times in order to get some relief.

All is normal this morning, but I'm left wondering what happened to cause it to return.

And, since I won't be visiting the doctor about it, I guess I'm just left to wonder.

Moving on.

Earlier this year the four littlest grandchildren asked for knitted toys. They thought I could whip them out in no time. First, they have no concept of time and second, they have no concept of how long it takes to knit a toy.

At any rate, the first one's done. I'm naming it Mitch – until it's delivered, of course. At that point it's out of my hands and the intended grandson can name it whatever he wants.
But it does like rather Mitch-like, yes? (You politicos will get it.) I need to sew a couple buttons on for eyes, and it's ready to wrap and mail. The pattern (named Sheldon) is here, in case you'd like to try your hand at it. It was a bit fiddly, as most toy patterns are, but clearly written and an experienced knitter would have no trouble with it at all.

I still need to knit a blue whale, a red teddy bear and a pink kitty. And the granddaughter I visited over Halloween hasn't let me forget her request for a red hooded cape. Sewn, thankfully. It would take until next Christmas to knit a cape.

As I've been going through old emails, I find myself tossing the political ones without even reading them, and saving the ones related to knitting, cooking (paleo) and books. I think I'm getting ready to settle in for a long winter's nap.

How about you? We all know Christmas is still weeks away, despite the commercials and decorations already popping up. What are your autumn plans? Details!

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gingerzingi said...

That's really adorable - sure the grandkids will love it.

Autumn plans... as usual, my MIL will visit at Thanksgiving. She likes to go to a restaurant, so that's great I don't have to cook a stupid turkey! Haven't made Christmas plans yet, I need to get on the ball.