Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Down the home stretch

The good thing about having no heat (installation of the new system might begin tomorrow, and we're definitely on schedule for Thursday) is that I've had lots of time to knit. I park myself in my little chair in front of my little TV in my little den with my little space heater and knit, knit, knit my little fingers to the bone.

The pink kitty (mine is solid pink, not striped like the original) – the fourth of four gifts for one set of grandchildren – is nearly done. AND IT LOOKS LIKE A KITTY! I was having doubts during the process, as it's knit all in one piece and it wasn't looking very kitty-like there for a while.

Stuffing works wonders on a shapeless piece of fabric.

All that's left to knit is the front legs. Then I need to sew button eyes on all four toys and they're DONE. (The children are 4-1/2 and 6-1/2, so no chance of swallowing buttons.)

Next up is the pink-and-purple scarf for my younger granddaughter, and I've also found a hat pattern I want to make for my grandson, whose birthday is early in January. Along with a pair of fingerless gloves and some money, I think it will make a fine gift for a young man.

Knitters with time left before Christmas morning will always find a new project to work on. Good thing I'm not baking this year. Or maybe it would be a good thing to bake this year.

At least the oven would be on and the kitchen would be warm.er.


Mindy said...

I kept thinking I want to knit that kitty...but for myself. I don't really have anyone to knit it for as a gift. So would you say it is a huge time commitment for something for myself? Brrr...on the heat situation. I'm not sure I'd still be so positive after all this time.

Debbi said...

It's not a huge time commitment. I would use wool or acrylic rather than cotton, which is what I chose because it was the only washable pink yarn I had in stock. You could easily finish it in less than a week, knitting a couple hours a day. I didn't stripe it. The instructions are for a solid color with a contrasting color chest, and I didn't do that, either. Enjoy, and send a photo when you're finished! I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Mindy said...

Thanks! After I finish my Christmas knitting, I might try to do a black and white one for myself. I'll send a photo. I love how cotton feels in a finished project but I hate knitting with it.