Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let the holidays be OVER. Please.

I seem to have absolutely NO self-control this year. Not only can I not resist others' temptations (I'll spare you the descriptive food porn, just insert treat of your choice here), I am even making (and eating) some decidedly NON-paleo food items using ingredients that cause severe pain.

I guess that makes me a masochist.

My previous post was all about eating crappy-for-me food because I was cold and needed comforting. Apparently the myth of comfort food has been busted by scientists, so there goes that rationalization!

I have NO excuse for going off the deep end now. The furnace is fixed, the house is warm, we didn't break the bank, the Christmas shopping is done, the out-of-town gifts are on their way. One project remains unfinished, but there's still plenty o'time before it gets delivered in person the weekend after Christmas.

Sooooo … if Life is so Good, why am I sabotaging myself and my success?

That's a good question, I'm glad I asked.

Because it's definitely something I need to figure out.

I've a feeling getting a handle on this is going to be a one-day-at-a-time project. Or even one hour at a time.

Maybe I should make it a rule to only eat off-plan when I'm walking. Walking hurts. A lot. And the correlation between eating grains and sugar and feeling pain is unmistakeable. Self-evident. Clearly a slap upside the head.

Or, in my case, a somewhat low blow to the right hip.


gingerzingi said...

I sometimes get into a weird groove were I just can NOT seem to stop eating my fool head off. I think it's from a combination of factors, some emotional but also some physical, like hormones or possibly my body trying to tell me something. Or from not getting enough sleep, from not drinking enough water. So while I'm not saying you're NOT sabotaging yourself, that's not necessarily what's going on either. Sometimes it's just too hard at any given moment to stay on a path. Pretty sure you can find plenty of examples of that throughout human history :)

I don't know if this is useful advice, but sometimes I can snap out of that by eating an enormous amount of really good quality food. If I have some grilled salmon and a big ass salad full of vegetables, I care a lot less about cookies or chex mix. In other words, don't try to limit the quantity, control the quality, at least for a few days. Maybe that will push you over the edge.

Also I totally don't believe comfort food is a myth!

Debbi said...

Thanks for that thoughtful reply ... I've definitely NOT been sleeping well and I never drink enough water. Never. The upcoming couple of weeks are jam-packed with Things Which Must Be Done, but since cooking dinner every day is a given, might as well cook good stuff (which I usually do anyway). I think I need to go back to the no-snacks-between-meals rule. That's been my biggest downfall.

I really appreciate your insight. And especially that you took time the day before your surgery to share it. You are definitely on my mind, and I hope it goes well. Looking forward to your first post-OR update.