Saturday, February 7, 2015

When last we met …

I think I was bragging about nailing 100+ miles in January.

It's gonna take some serious walking to hit it in February. With three fewer days and a couple bad-weather days already, I've only managed 19 for the first week. No walking today, either, because I'll be in the car and on my butt in a meeting all day. But my attitude is good, and I've already planned to put in some extra (above my usual and customary four/day) miles in the coming weeks. If I don't hit 100, I'll at least come close.

I've been a busy Democrat since the election. You'd think things would slow down some, but nooooo. When your state legislature flips from blue to red, you suddenly pay a lot more attention to what's going on at the Capitol.

So far they want to allow smoking in public buildings, add a religious exemption to the public school vaccination policy, restrict abortions in a variety of ways (11 bills so far!), allow open carry without a license IF your gun was made in West Virginia, repeal the ACA in WV, repeal lemon laws, repeal regulations on above-ground water-storage tanks, repeal prevailing wage … lots of repealing going on … and more.

Also? There's a couple crazy Delegates who just don't get that whole rape thing.

Voter turnout in November was 37 percent. And it looks like some of those voters who stayed home are waking up to the realization that a GOP majority is not in their best interests.

Note to voters: We tried to tell you that.

At any rate, I'm feeling useful and committed to the cause. Being plugged in to a group actively working to turn this state back to blue is both challenging and rewarding. But I'm in it to win it.

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Sharon said...

Really shocking to me to hear what's going on in your state. Good for you for fighting the good fight!