Monday, June 1, 2015

When we last met …

I was healthy. Ish. Last Wednesday I wrote a blog post, checked e-mail, worked on the Keynote project, cooked dinner, visited a friend in the hospital, and went to an AA meeting.

Since then? Blah. In SO many ways.

I've managed to keep up with the e-mail, and I've continued to work on the Keynote, at least a couple of days. I've been sick, sick, sick, and apparently there's Something Going Around. Or at least that's what my husband reported when he came home from church yesterday.

Thursday and Friday were upset-stomach days. And no-energy days. And playing-lots-of-Scrabble-on-my-phone days.

Saturday I felt congested and tight in my chest. I began coughing. It hurt. Reallyreallyreally hurt. My throat hurt. I couldn't talk. By last night I was running a fever.

Sometime in the afternoon, though, my throat didn't hurt as much and I could talk, although I'm still quite congested. And sneezing. The fun never stops.

So basically I've spent four days in bed, reading (started and finished The Wright Brothers by David McCullough – excellent read!) and playing games and working when I could concentrate.

The friend I visited in the hospital died Friday morning, and that's been hard. Her funeral is tomorrow. I hope I feel up to the drive. The best way to feel better tomorrow is to continue resting today.

I guess. That's my plan, anyway.

Whatever else you do this summer, don't get sick. The grass and weeds keep growing without you. The sun and gentle rain are lovely and tempting and it's painful not to be able to enjoy it.

I'll be back in a couple days, hopefully feeling normal again. But friends who have had this whateveritis have said it can linger for a couple of weeks. That would be adding insult to injury.

Or virus.

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